Routine Maintenance

You know your car needs regular oil changes, and system maintenance.

Most standard oil blends require new oil and filter every 3,000 miles.  Synthetics, and Synthetic Blends may run anywhere from 5,000 miles, and up.  Check your oil change sticker frequently to ensure you are within the recommended maintenance period.

Buds Auto and Truck Repair is Mount Vernon and Lisbon’s preferred auto repair shop.  No need to look any further for your Routine maintenance, like oil changes!

Buds offers standard house oil, our premium brand, AMSOil, and is able to use the brand of your choice, if you have a favorite brand.


AMSOil available at Buds Auto and Truck Repair

Buds is proud to carry AMSOil Products

Oil Change Prices

Step up to XL Protection

10,000 miles between changes.

Ultimate Engine Protection

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